I waited 19 years to record my first jazz record.


One answer is that I was busy running around with the “Evan Goodrow Band,” and writing solo acoustic records. Another answer is that my love for blues and jazz and my desire to make a recording wasn’t more powerful than the temptation to record too soon. I went into the studio multiple times to record different compositions and different group arrangements and wasn’t happy with any of them. It hasn’t really sounded like me until recently.

These 33 minutes are some of my favorites.

“Sauce” is a jazz guitar trio from Boston with Steve Langone on drums and David Landoni on bass. “Intro” is our first record.


1 Oceans Under Thought
2 Shutter Speed Capture
3 Hots
4 Summer Sunset Light
5 Yesterday’s Leftovers Are Better Than Tonight’s Delivery