I started on an acoustic guitar and I’ve done most of my writing with one.

It’s time for “Renegades and Healers” (NEWS and DIGITAL LINKS will be posted on this page).

I’ve been contemplating this recording for years, trying to decide how to do and what would be on it. I’ve played vast demos for people and they’ve always asked when will it be here and why was I waiting so long.

I don’t entirely know and that’s ok.
What I do know is that there songs I knew I could do better, and with no band and no overdubs all the material is live, stripped down.

I needed to feel each one while I was recording it.
No overdubbed guitar solos.
There’s even mistakes.


“Renegades and Healers” will be released on January 1st.  I’ll be doing a short run (as in very few) physical CD’s, if you want one reply to this email and tell me that you want one because I’ll have to personally mail it to you.

I’ll upload it before January 1st and send you a link to get it in the next email.
If you want to give something towards it my Donation Page is active via paypal.

Thanks everyone,


Can’t Go Home
Endless Summer
Grey Lines
Hardest Part
Last Night
Let Me
Let’s Burn Everything
No Stranger
Renegades and Healers
Sailing Again
Waiting On A Rainy Night