Live and what it means to “be live”

It’s been an interesting few months, to say the least, and there’s been plenty to learn and experience about playing “live.”

My best guess is that I won’t be playing live until 2021.  I will be doing online broadcasts on both Facebook and YouTube, solo and with others.

I’ve compiled the Facebook concerts on Youtube Here.

I’ve also started rehearsals for the next original record, because I’ve had the time to write it….and why not?

June 24th…

Friday Nights

Thursday night blues

Sailing again
Can’t find my way home
Backdoor man
Knocking on Heavens Door
I can’t wait
Into the mystic
Love sneaking up on you

Tuesday Night Treats

Sunday Surprises

Saturday night live

This just happened

When the world’s on hold

I’ve made myself busy making music for everyone, and now I’m back to writing.

I’ve made a bunch of live videos which I’ve posted youtube, and of course there’s the Instagram Suites.

Critics intensely agree that the third “Covid Playlist” is the best, you can make up your own mind on that>

Covid Playlist #1

Covid Playlist #2

Covid Playlist #3

Saturday Night Live

“Renegades and Healers” and the next record

“Renegades” was released moments before the world pandemic hit….advertising it hasn’t been at the top of my survival priorities.  And in all this time I’ve finished the writing for the next one.  How soon I’ll record and release it is up in the air, till then, I’m still spreading the word about this one….