Different versions

Oftentimes when working out new material, it “appears” in the middle of a night, unannounced in a live set, as the group is always smoothing the songs out, ahead of the recording.  I’ve had the opposite experience with “FuturePlaneta” (simply because there’s been no live shows).

No demoing for a live audience.  No taking it for a test spin.  I’ve even abstained from playing the new cuts on my facebook live feeds until it’s released.

The songs will always sound different from when they’re written, handed out to the players, recorded and ultimately finished.  And then they will change as time goes on.

Here’s 3 versions of “Let’s Burn Everything.”  The “Renegades and Healers” version being the original take that was recorded years after the one on “Burn.”

And the live one has a hammond organ on it.


First look

Why not make up a word?

“FuturePlaneta” (or future planet) might be an obvious word “joining” to some and strange to others.  The planet has been here a long time and it will continue despite our actions to continue “with” it or wipe ourselves “off” it.

Sidenote:  Planeta indicated the feminine article in romance languages (“a” for the feminine and “o” for masculine), another way of saying “mother earth.”

The songs on here are about everything that’s happening in 2020.

It’s 2020 so why not make up words in response to the “overuse” of others?  Words lead to ideas, ideas worth listening to and worth inspiring action.


Wednesday nights on Facebook

MVY Concert just now

August 3rd concert

PMC 2020

This would have been the 7th year of donating a music performance to the Pan Mass Challenge, (the biggest fundraising for cancer event in New England).

Made a video online for them this time around for the “PMC Virtual” (here’s a shot from that video) and wishing everyone health and happiness in the organization.

They’re friends on a worthwhile mission and I’m happy to support them.

Breaking the meditative silence

Time to break the meditative silence I’ve been on since leaving the internet.  Had to turn everything off in order to turn myself back on and get some art done.

Listening to the final mixes of “FuturePlaneta” last night and not entirely sure if I can summarize it but I’ll try.

It’s forgiveness, hope, and concern. And it’s justice, resilience, and protest.
It’s a snapshot of what’s happening in 2020 for a us, a body of world citizens that share a firsthand viewership of the change in the flow of power between governments, corporations, and people.  Difficult and challenging, yes. Worth it? I think it is.

I’m tinkering with “FuturePlaneta” a while longer but I’ll have a publish date soon.

Want to reserve a CD for the special order run that I’m going to do?