The speech

I stood up and gave a Thanksgiving speech at the age of 6 that floored everyone in the room, and I don’t remember it, at least accurately, and the family still talks about it to this day. You might say it was an immortal moment in my childhood.

And since my family have always spoken and joked about it lovingly and for years challenged me to “one up it.” You know, “do it better,” and that will never happen and I’ll tell you why: I could give a speech that’s better and they’ll never hear it as being better.

The spontaneous nature of creation that is completely “in the moment” has a great magic to it that can’t be replicated (this is common with children as they don’t have self judgment yet). As adults we still do it all the time in conversations, problem solving, and decision making, but to stand on a stage, kind of unaware, that’s another thing.

The very act of trying to replicate it is futile because no matter how good it is, it won’t be the original (I would have to be 6 again).
The solution is to go somewhere else and make something entirely new.

A single? Yes, a single.

In 25 years as a full time musician, 18 self produced full length albums, maybe another 20 demo writing records for others, guest on over 30 more… “Just” will be my first single release.

As in ever.
More details to follow.
Enjoy one of the new Rumble mixes:

The mixed tape (now the mixed Rumble)

There are now 10 mixes up (15-20 mins each) on Rumble.

“Wind Cries Mary”

Happy Birthday Jimi

The little club that used to be

With the future on hold for the re-opening of this little gem, you’ll have to get by with the club mix that was made for you at the time of the closing.

We play through time (for the busker)

We play through time
We sing to those that only half listen
They come back when the ship is going down
To remember again

For the comfort of the song that takes them back
To the way back

Through this world we move
On a street somewhere
Playing now forgotten chords

These notes leave our souls to die almost
Instantly on the pavement and in the air
Someone hears and the torch is passed
A fire is lit somewhere deep
A call to live again

We are the gatekeepers of the dance
The ones who guard you from the sadness of time moving forward
Because the dance is so large
we can’t see it all

And even when it becomes a kind of suffering,
we still don’t want it to end
Because we realize we’re still happier with it than without
And the realization of that what you carry in your hands and in your heart
Will be what you put back into the music
And there will be nothing more to do
Nothing better to be
Than to play through time
And sing to those who sometimes only half listen



15 to 18 minute Rumble Mixes

If you practice for ten years, you may begin to please yourself, after 20 years you may become a performer and please the audience, after 30 years you may please even your guru, but you must practice for many more years before you finally become a true artist-then you may please even God.    -Ali Akbar Khan

Rumble #1

Rumble #2 

Rumble #3

Rumble #4

Rumble #5

Rumble #6

Rumble #7

When the “Babies” are gone

“Need your love so bad” is the first track on my first record “Red.”
I re-made it last night -musically and I changed some things with the lyrics.
Most notably, the “babies” are gone.

Why must the babies be gone you ask? They don’t really need to be, it’s just a choice.

“Baby” was used as a lyric for pretty much 50 years. Hell, Robert Plant would sing it over and over again in his live show (as in 20 times)…of course you can still find it here and there.

When you needed a lyric to fill in a syllabic phrase it worked.
When you needed to actually reach out and express emotion it worked.
When you needed humor, mourning, or dismissal in your tone, it also worked.

“Baby” worked great for a long time but it’s general.

The more precise and specific you can be with a message the more it will resonate (disclaimer: this isn’t true for pop songs, only for art).



Early morning drafts

Eye contact

I’ve got some of my own funny little opinions about some things.   I detest singers who wear sunglasses when they sing; I want to look in their eyes.   I want to know if they really feel what they sing and the eyes can’t lie.

I probably don’t have to mention that the blind get a pass on this, the Stevie Wonders, Ray Charles, Raul Midon etc. and maybe the super famous -I’m not going to be the one to tell Bono to take his glasses off while he’s rocking the O2 arena.

For everyone else?  I want to see them.

That’s one reason I seldom enjoyed performing in the bright sun, because I would have to wear them in order to see, well, anything and I never want them on while I’m singing.



The shot




Waiting for the dawn
And it always
takes too long
It can be so bright
But when the sun rises I won’t take
my eyes away from the sky

Living on a dream
It ain’t always
easy to see
The road ahead
When you only know the one behind

Forgiveness is an open hand
Always showing me what I don’t understand
In this dream I had
I saw myself walking
in a new land
And you were there