You don’t know until you look

Do you know how many Youtube Playlists I have?

Do you know I have an Instagram account?

Did you know my old Nimbit Store is still up?

There’s great stuff out there, and in here, you just have to know where to look….

My secret life as a bass player

We all want to be bass players, just ask them.  Why?  It’s the “thing” that keeps it all together and makes the marriage of percussion (drums) and song (melody and harmony), and when I’ve got time I spend a lot of it using the bass to write.

I have been seen playing it in public from time to time, but very infrequently.  I just don’t do it justice next to the great bass players I’ve worked with and when I’m in their company, I’d rather just not pick it up.

Happy April everyone!

“Let’s burn Coronavirus to the ground”

Someone wrote me that in a note yesterday…had a nice laugh.

There are 3 versions of this one now and they’re all different…



On Youtube


Grey Lines

The inspiration for this one came from an Alan Watts lecture where in explaining the order of the universe he talks of salt and pepper coming together and becoming inseparable and once this happens, this black and white can never be separated after mixing.

Grey Lines

I thought I knew
I thought I had it right
When black and white turns to grey
Right and wrong goes away
You got to figure things out for yourself

Grey lines take me away
Street lights blind our eyes
I used to see the world in black and white
but it’s all turned to grey

Where’s the solid ground
It used to be right here
Where I’m standing
When the world shows up to take you down
Will you run or will you stand your ground?

Grey lines take me away
Street lights blind our eyes
I used to see the world in black and white
but it’s all turned to grey

We’ll get through it

The world is watching and so people know what’s happened and even though we don’t know how it pans out we’ll get through it.

Sending a CD to Steven Callahan today because he asked for one (if you don’t know him he’s the guy that survived 76 days on the Atlantic and his story is mesmerizing).

Reading a story like his offers a lot of perspective on life and death, and I can say that being sheltered up with my books, piano, guitar and internet connection is ok with me.  I’ll take it.

I hope you’re all well, drop me an email if you like, take a minute and listen to my new record.  I have a lot of people loving on it right now and saying that it’s helping them.

That’s the best I can hope my work will do.


That extra “Spotify” something

Here t’is.

Setlist from last night

Waiting on a Rainy Night/Midnight Rider/No Stranger/Drums/Let’s Burn Everything/Dock of the Bay/Falling

“Renegades and Healers” great sounding WAV files

The code is set to “Free” … Go Get It


Kind of a “Best of mix”

The show tomorrow night with Robert Cray is almost sold out and in anticipation of a few thousand people there, I’m thinking there might be a few that don’t know who I am so I thought I would burn some mixes for them.

(and this is what it looks like)

1 Let’s Burn Everything    (Burn)
2 Sunrising   (Renegades and Healers)
3 She’s On Fire   (Rise)
4 There’s No Reason (Fly)
5 Horizons  (Bootleg)
6 Hard To Handle (Modern Soul)
7 Let Me (Say It)
8 Can’t Go Home (Renegades and Healers)
9 Falling  (Rise)
10 Gettup (Fly)
11 Girls Dance With Girls  (24 Hours)
12 Renegades And Healers (Renegades and Healers)