The giveback

Backstage at the Veterans concert last year with Barry Goudreau, David Hull, Paul Nelson, John Cafferty and Johnny A.
I have a history of helping with benefits because I love to do it. All the energy that my friends, family, and fans have contributed to me gets cycled back.

In short, I call it the big Giveback.

Sunday June 4th I’ll be playing the “Buzz off for kids with cancer” at Gillette Stadium.
Details Here.

CD anyone?

I still think they’re great and I keep my collection around, along with my iPod and various online music sources.
In 2017, everyone has a different listening habit.  Some people I know who have converted to online streaming, in actuality, listen to music less often (perhaps frozen by the library presented).

Others prefer the vinyl undertaking and they seemingly get more “return” on their experience by having a greater sound quality combined with that thing that’s in demand these days….attention.

The radio appears drowned out, as in people don’t really listen.  Commercial radio might as well by the mainstream nothing music that gets piped in at Moes while you wait for a burrito.

“Burn” is on it’s way.  Do you want to have it in a CD format?

Opus in Salem MA

Our first time.  Who’ll be there?   (On Fbook)

Mainstage on the dock

A big thanks to everyone who made this concert happen. St. Barths couldn’t have been finer, and the concert could not have been better.
Love from snowy Massachusetts!

“Get Back”

“I’d believe in you if you think I could, and if I asked you to do the same for me, I know you would” My Gift Track to you.