“I still think she’s mine”

“Living lately on dreams and wine”


Moonlighting on a beach in the afternoon

There are those who know more about me than I let on…
I play with a lot of musicians in a lot of settings, what we refer to as moonlighting.

Only sometimes it happens on a beach in broad daylight (apologies for the lack of guitar, I had to put it down in order to take the video).


Make it your own

“Burn” is making it’s way around the radio world.

A supporting DJ (I’ll keep it anonymous) asks the following:
“A question about your “Peg” cover. The tempo is so significantly different. Not being musician I still want to say something intelligent when I play it.
Was there a reason within the song to redefine it? Or is it because it’s your signature style?”

Answer is, I’d get bored just recreating what was already done.

You’re either a “live” version of something else (literally translates to “tribute” or “wedding” bands) or you’re creating something of your own and it’s something no one has heard before.
And, of course you can do it with someone else’s song.

If you’re going to record one one of your favorites, why not make it your own?

Problems with the neighbors

While Alex and Ani’s vineyard in Sakonnet RI is both beautiful and also somewhat remote in comparison to other vineyard climates (in France and California you find vineyards literally right up against each other) amazingly enough, they are having a sonic issue with their neighbors who live miles away who have managed to tie up the series legally this year.

The entire music schedule for 2017 was cancelled in early June.
Many apologies for anyone who chalked up their calendar for the July 19th date.

Hopefully we’ll see them again next year!

“Burn” on the radio

I sent “Burn” to MVYRadio so they could debut it Tuesday and somehow the WXRV the River 92.5fm got hold of it and played Monday night.
It’s not the worst problem to have and in the “arts’ world this sort of thing happens a lot.

The important thing is the attention and the support.  You don’t need to know a lot about the music world to get a glimpse of how challenging it might be to pioneer your own music and live as an independent musician.

I have a history of playing for and working with New England radio stations and it feels good when they support me by playing my new stuff.

WMVY (Martha’s Vineyard Radio) played “Burn” literally, all day Tuesday (first at noon, then 8pm and again at 9pm) and 92.5fm the River played “Let’s Burn Everything” Monday night for their Homegrown show.

Download “Burn” Here