Caribbean ideals

True love

Just because I was asked to play this song 3 times in the last week.

“True love is deep, deep as the ocean.”  (I stole this line from Ramana Maharishi)


Time vs. Art

I don’t usually share these sort of notes, but I am today.

“Evan, we can’t say enough how much it meant to us that you showed up and rocked the “house” at Shelter Fest to support affordable housing. You and your band are AMAZING – a big sound with even bigger heart.  Love your CD, too. Thank you so much for being there for us. You guys are awesome!   Bethany, Harborlight Community Partners”


I know a lot of musicians and artists who either get a day job or move hours out of the city centers because they simply can’t afford housing.  When the real estate agents and even the slumlords continue their “squeeze” there’s a massive “cultural loss” that’s a bit incalculable.

When an artist has to spend time making $ to support his/her art, it takes away time from doing the work that makes that art stand out and be fantastic and inspiring.

As a result of this time vs. art focus equation, in the end, we’re seeing more and more mediocrity.  Mediocre painting, websites, songs, youtube gurus.

If you find something exceptional and you value it being there, support it.



The day before, the minute before, the moment before?

Social media takes it’s toll on the attention span (don’t take my word for it, simply look around and observe).  They ask, was it yesterday or last week?

It can be challenging to remind and answer people about things that have been published (and for a long time already) such as…

Shows.  Gift downloads.  and even Tonight.

Sometimes you have to turn it off so that you can pay attention.


Cool things in crazy colors