Another show added at “la galette électrique” Wednesday April 18th.
The show below is from a pop-up concert on a barge on the Seine (Nov. 1st 2015) with my new found partner in crime, Vladimir Ivanovsky.

Popping up

When I’m not gigging, I’m gigging.  This is me stopping in to play jazz at the Mill5 Luna Theater in Lowell last week  (Speaking about jazz, do you know about the “Streetband” this Wednesday night in Beverly MA).

“Airplanes” are here.

If you’re in France next weekend.

Great Memories

This is the Bazbar in St. Barths before hurricane Irma and before the rebuild (they have reopened and are up and running).

When the hurricanes come they take almost everything.   Our spirit sill survives.  We get up in the morning, we keep going with every sunrise.
It’s a special place on St Barths that won’t be the same but it will remain.

Here’s a small clip of great memories and gives you an idea of what the party was like.



The Bataclan attack on November 13th, 2015 in Paris happened just two days after I left the country.  I had spent weeks in France and the end of that trip had turned into a writing session for me (I found an airbnb and turned my phone off for the better part of a week

I had started with a lot of notes and free writing about the streets and the buildings, and less about the people living now and more about people who had built the city in the past.

The lyrics have a lot of that imagery in them, especially with the rain (there’s really no other city that has the same rain/architecture marriage that is so visually inspiring than Paris).

Days after the attack I took those notes and focused the song back to the people, the people of the present that is.  Their voices rising up, being heard in the street, and so became “Voices in Paris.”

“I walk the city with a few euros to my name 
I see you in cobblestones and none are the same 

The streets lose their names when it rains
The city gets lonely once again 

Was there someone looking down on me
Faces in the buildings they’ve got eyes that see 

The streets lose their names when they feel the pain
Voices gone before come back again

Voices in Paris won’t be silent for long
They wash away the pain after the rain has gone, after the rain has gone 

I’ll be in FR in April, get details.

Get “Voices in Paris” here, my gift.

“Airplanes” on the acoustic

Did you know about this?