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Cutting away the fat

For me, writing is a balance between personal therapy and the decision making of what I want to say to the world, the message I want to spread.   It’s a chance to cut away the fat, all the useless flab of noise that often accommodates the original expression.  Of course, if I go too far in this it’s always possible to be left with a truncation that is so small, well we get twitter.

When I jokingly wrote “It’s ok for girls to dance with girls” I was aware that it didn’t fit anywhere.  It wasn’t radio material, more of a nod to James Brown musically and a nod to the intellectuals lyrically “even Darwin said nature finds a way/the girls take it on the dancefloor today” 

A member of my band didn’t understand the lyrics (nor probably care) and there were a lot of fans that just wanted to dance to it.  No harm done in that.

As time goes on and language changes I ask myself will someone “get me” if they read my lyrics, alone with no music.  Surrendering myself to the practicality that I won’t have control is the best and easiest way to dismiss a concern like this and to simply keep playing and writing.