Speaking in metaphors and analogies


I’m coming to conclusions
Seeing that illusion
It ain’t always what it seems
Some say that they understand but they don’t really know
Just what it means

We all walk a fine line
We dance with the fear or maybe we’re just busy burning time
The things we keep to our selves
They’re not meant for anybody else

When you’re high your feet always leave the ground
When you wake you find yourself on your way down
Down is where I’ll be
I’ll be waiting for you my sweet

There’s more lyrics for this one and it’s coming on the lyrics page I’m putting together. I prefer metaphorical verses literal writing because I think deeper content can be achieved with double meanings and the humor contained in the imagery that the words might provoke in thought.

Literal lyrics work fine: “I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick,” but I’m not out to win the Ed Sheeran audience. Instead, I’ll write something that you might make your own, because there’s enough room in the words for both of us

Chowder and a special radio station.

WMVYRadio is the only radio station that will get an advance copy of “Rise.”  Why?  Because in a holocaust of corporate driven radio programming they remain the only radio station (in New England) I know of that is, that you can hear independent music (some call themselves independent radio and they’re far from it).  They’ve championed me for years and I’ve always done the same.

I will even sample chowder for them.

“She’s on fire”

Only as good as the people you surround yourself with…

The soundman on last night’s show commented how well the band did with the dreaded “shield” (a plexiglass tank surrounding the drum set to help control volume).  His comment specifically had to do with how well Greg and I worked with David around the ugly obstruction, bantering with him and even aiding him when necessary with water, as he did drum for just under two hours straight.

I can only sound as good as I can listen and these guys are great listeners and great players.   It makes a great team.

Greg Toro at the Latchkey (from April not last night)…as a man thinketh.


The problem with being safe

I’m not a “huge” queen fan, but I am a fan.  I’ve listened to just about everything they did, I admire them for their originality,  but I don’t own a T-shirt with Freddie on it.

The single largest reason I’ve abstained from seeing the movie has to do with hollywood and being safe.  Being safe in the entertainment world has been top trend for awhile now and for me it simply ruins everything…well, real.  Another “origins” story?  Like the way they screwed up “Han Solo?”  No thanks.

Today is Jimi Hendrix’ birthday, and while I admit that I wish he was safer with drug use (he might still be here) he was definitely “not safe” with his music and art.

“Nobody knows what I’m talking about
I’ve got my own life to live
I’m the one that’s going to have to die
When it’s time for me to die
So let me live my life the way I want to”  “If 6 was 9” -Jimi Hendrix

Perhaps the entertainment “powers that be” might remember why we love “Bohemian rapsody” so much, and take some gambles on fresh unsafe things before the children of tomorrow forget how to create.

Voices in Paris

I walk the city with a few euros to my name
I see you in cobblestones and none are the same

The streets lose their names when it rains
The city gets lonely once again

Was there someone looking down on me
Faces in the buildings they’ve got eyes that see

The streets lose their names when they feel the pain
Voices gone before they come back again

Voices in Paris won’t be silent for long 
They wash away the pain after the rain has gone
After the rain has gone

The essence of a holiday

Thanksgiving may be an American holiday but no one’s got the copyright on the sentiment of the thing.  Here’s a shout out to all the peeps I know in other places in the world, in gratitude!

Below: Australians and New Zealanders mixing with Boston musicians at Wallys.

If you want to celebrate with us we’ll be in Rhode Island tomorrow night.

Making art vs. selling art

In music college I was advised to be a music business major instead of a performance major but the idea seemed antithetical to me.

If you don’t spend the real time learning, practicing, and creating quality stuff (performance) is there anything to sell (business)?  It’s like putting the cart before the carriage.
Good stuff sells itself.

In 2018 almost all of the music business majors I knew of are gone (into other industries) and what’s left?

Me and the music and you.

“Rise” is ready but you have to be on my email list to get it.

Big music little stage…


Party starts at 10pm (Go Here)

Thanks guys

I was thinking about you guys and I wanted to say hey from Europe.

I’m playing a great new venue in Paris tonight called “Nubia” and while I was rehearsing the group yesterday I decided to dust off some off the old songs from years ago.

And that got me thinking to how much history I have with everyone, the band members -former and current, the supporters and everyone involved in the arts in the Northeast.

So, this is a thank you note.  Thanks for helping me get here, and helping me do what I do!

Much love,

The best reward

It’s the greatest reward when someone tells me that they’re into my music because it brings them up, emotionally or vibrationally.  That’s what music is for me and why I decided to devote my life to making it.

By now, it’s no secret that living a life as a full time artist is more than a full time “everything”, so when someone listens to your words and takes the time to write you…

That’s the best!

“Rise” is on it’s way.  Delivery date Dec 1-7.

Better than, Less than, or equal to?

Writing, performing and playing come natural.  Sitting down and practicing, I had to learn how to do that.

Coming up with an instant response to a situation, question, or comment, again, easy.  Taking the time to get to understand the people I work with and for (musicians, clients, organizations), I had to take time to do that too.

When you do everything, what are you better at and what do you need to do more of in order to have some equal balance?

Having a great idea, is great in itself but in the end won’t get you there.  While I may be good at showing you work that came before (that you don’t know about) it’s better to spend time asking you questions about what you like about my music or what you’d like to see me do next.

Not so new but maybe new to you (“Fly” the song from “Fly” the record)

I haven’t recorded many instrumentals.  “Fly” originally had lyrics but I liked it so much when we recorded it I decided to leave them out.  And so, you have a lot of studio jamming.


This week

There’s so much stuff happening this week, it’s better to have it here in one place.

I’m playing an acoustic thing this Wednesday night with Greg Toro in CT at the Stomping Ground.

Work on “Rise” continues in the editing room, every morning in fact.
(“Upside Down” was spotted as a jam 3 years ago in a barn).

There’s a festival going on in Lowell this weekend (I’ll be there Friday night 10/19).

Making a special appearance in Gloucester this Thursday night at Dave Sags’ blues party…that’s the Rhumbline 9pm.





Return to Lowell (50 acts over 2 nights)

I’ve got history with the city of Lowell.  There was the first show with B.B. King at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.  And there was the Lowell Summer Music series shows and more importantly the “Backpage nightclub” (I had six years of nonstop fun booking the best music in that little club).

It was an easy decision to jump on board the “Town and the City” festival next weekend (Oct 19, 20) because it’s brand new and never been done in Lowell (50 acts over 2 nights).

I’ll be at Coffee and Cotton on Friday Oct 19th @ 10pm

Video notes

I wanted to make a video for this song but I didn’t know how or when it was going to happen. All I had was a loose idea about a woman on a beach transforming a group of writing or photos with fire. The “band in the studio” concept came later. Still, “Let’s Burn Everything,” the video, was a bit on the back burner until Jordan came along.

I had originally met Jordan Garry in 2015 in Gloucester. He was shooting pictures for the Gloucester times and I was playing a street festival. We talked, we emailed, he wanted to do more with video. Years went by and after I sent him “Burn” this past spring he immediately wanted to shoot something for the first track.
Excitement followed, along with the problematic task of finding someone to be in it, finding and securing an overnight beach location without getting arrested and scheduling seven personalities to be in the right place at the right time.

A storyboard began. I wanted it to be nonspecific, as in no direct explanations as to why she’s doing what she’s doing. It would remain symbolic using tarot cards and literally burning them in a fire. I prefer the metaphorical storyboard because it gives viewers a chance to add their own meaning to what they’re seeing.

The idea caught on but Jordan really wanted to film the band (I was less enthusiastic about that because I didn’t want to make “another video with another band playing another song). So, I wanted the beach and Jordan wanted the band. I think we came up with a nice balance.

Brit is a very creative musician herself and it was her first time doing anything like this, and she did great. Jordan’s camera work and lighting selection are excellent. His choice in having Walter assist him was key. Also, I think it’s the first time David and Greg are really “captured” on camera and you know I’m a fan of what they do.

Thanks to Bob Nash for letting us use Wonka sound (the actual studio we filmed the video in). Big thanks to Lorna M. for arranging the Wingaersheek beach shoot location -without her it would have just been a dream interrupted by the Gloucester police department.

Hope you enjoy it,

It’s here