Just say no to nostalgia

It’s easy to get nostalgic over the past.  But it doesn’t help us get anywhere we wish to go.  And when we change our minds about it we can turn directions and decide that what “was” was “best” and what “is” is better.

I think this can be true of anything.

Feb 8, 2014 below….(listen to that band go!)

Rockstars Love Couscous

New Years Eve (not the typical one)

As I sit here counting down the final hours of our dreaded covid 2020 I’m tempted to join in the lamenting but I can’t, and here’s why.

Despite everything that’s happened I can’t help but feel hopeful for all the change, albeit turbulent, but still change that the entire world has undertaken, and is still going through.  I’m hopeful that people can, have, or will wake up to certain circumstances that surround them in their lives and environments, and seek out new and creative ways to make things better for themselves (political, health, art, financial, family).  It could be as simple as being reminded of what’s most important to us as humans, something that often falls away from the daily screen hustle in the new age.

I’ll use the metaphor of a fire:  I hope people will spend more time building them instead of watching videos of them.  The work and effort of cutting the tree down, stacking the wood, calling your friends, setting the fire pit, lighting it and conversing face to face, talking and listening to each other, getting lost in deep conversations that can change the way we see each other and ourselves.  This in place of the passive action of noticing and simultaneously dismissing the “fire on the screen,” a trend that grew in fancy restaurants over the last decade.

There’s real work to be done as we decide what it is that we want to do next about any of these things, but if we’ve learned anything meaningful from our past then we know that “this too shall pass.”

There’s never been a time in history when it didn’t feel like the world was ending and where “mankind” was put to the test.  Some sort of test.  Any sort of test.

Is 2021 going to start, at least as a continuation of this dreaded 2020.  Yes, obviously.  Will it last forever?  Of course not.

Make the decision about what it is that’s worth living for and what’s worth dying for.  Then start cutting the wood for your fire.  Everyone in your life can be there to enjoy it with you.

Much love to you all this New Years Eve,



Full Moon Fever

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