Soul Sundays


Lights in a dark sky

Ten years ago I was approached on a break, on a gig, by a man who I had seen before, he had been to some shows. He promptly began to tell me about how he had burned all my CD’s (we were still back in CD period then) and how he would never pay for music again. Ever. And that he had collected everything I had published. The thing is, he didn’t seem to understand how insulting it was. I summarized that he just didn’t see it because I’m pretty sure he wasn’t an asshole at heart, it was just a glitch.

But for every dark sky, there are the lights that come from stars:

Message: Evan, This is Kevin who just heard you at 9 Wallis. Great show. While I can get your music through Spotify, I wanted to donate directly as I get that you get about .001 cents per play on Spotify. Perfect platform for mega bands but wanted to donate directly for a smaller local band so I hope you can keep touring as I’d love to see you many more times live. Kudos to 9 Wallis for keeping live music happening. Great location go catch a show. So happy that I was able to see you there. -Kevin F.

I’m eternally grateful for the people are me who support me, you are the stars in my sky.

“Sauce” on Spotify

In my universe

If I could stretch out my words over time
And turn them into colors
I could paint you such a beautiful picture
Show you things about yourself
You might never see
Like in the deepest parts of our soul
Where some part of us hides
We really want to be seen

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