Stories that were saved up

Lines like “I packed my bags long before this day came” and “She can’t choose between the man and the world outside her window” are going to resonate like a siren in an empty hall for some people.  It’s a part of the story and it’s going to come out in it’s own way.

We spend the first bit of our lives experiencing things we don’t understand and the second bit decrypting it and understanding it.  If it’s a healthy progress, than I would imagine the time “in between the bits gets shorter and shorter” maybe until we recognize what’s going on “as we see it.”

I’m an observer.  I’m constantly watching and attempting sense at the puzzle that we all live in.  I sit and play with the pieces that come from conversations and anecdotes and conclusions.  Is a philosophical life (or at least a life that has some philosophical conclusion) a happier life?  I think so.

The secret hiding in plain sight is that most of us have a version of the same story and often times we have more in common with each other than we think.  And I do think that we all have the ability to be both renegades and healers.

Art or entertainment?

Art as a vehicle for insight, expansiveness, a genesis of ideas and emotions while Entertainment existing as a tickling, fondling, but ultimately forgettable experience in the form of sensory stimulation.

Times Square on NYE, -ultimate entertainment.  Lip-synching dancers and fireworks and the same song they’ve been pipe feeding you for over a decade.  All abbreviated.

The movie “Parasite,” low budget, great storytelling, great acting, educated commentary on the caste systems and subsequent problems with the world.  Without abbreviation, an inspiring piece of art.

We all ultimately decide to consume Art or Entertainment.  While Art can be entertaining, Entertainment in itself, is often lacking in purpose and exists to serve itself instead of you.

“Cant Go Home”

Notes on playing, and playing notes with others

Last night I was reunited with a few friends who are stellar musicians, and while we hadn’t seen each other in a long time it was so easy to pick up the conversation right where we had left it.

My father used to bring me to a music joint in Salem MA called “Dodge St.” when I was in my teens and it was there I first started talking to players and bands.  Later I would play with them.

“You’re only as good as you listen” was age old advice told to me by Charlie Banacos, and the older I get the more it’s true.  I’ve had the privilege of playing with many, many, many great musicians and there’s nothing better than listening to them while playing with them.  What’s second to that is the synergy and excitement for music that’s shared and loses no ground with the passage of time, ultimately the greatest “connection point.”

So, my tribe of friends and musicians, this note is a big thank you in appreciation.


With Robert Cray March 5th

Been asked to support Robert Cray in Plymouth MA on Thursday March 5th.  Info HERE