Who says there’s no more bass solos?

There’s one in here, listen for it. Greg Toro does it again!

Technical perfection and a loss of humanity

Absolutely perfect and absolutely dismissed.  The response is “next” because there’s nothing that differentiates it from anything around it.  It’s perfect tech.  It’s auto-tune, and perfect tune, and formula, in the mad dash for likes, $, or fame.

There are computers that can write pop songs (that’s how bad it’s gotten).  How out of touch do you have to be?

There are libraries of incredible art that can change your way of seeing the world, so what do you spend your time on?

Don’t you want to be famous?

Someone I know in the youtube biz, a former producer/musician, is getting up there in the fame world with a massive amount of Youtube followers and hits.  Now, he’s  adapted to the latest “catch angle” using titles to his videos that are misleading in that the “sales pitch” has nothing to do with the content (attention is $, views is cash for these guys).

You click on it and are disappointed that you wasted your time on it. Still, the older stuff has meaning. There are some parallels with the music business/art relationship. How many times do we find the early work of a band better than the “later after they’re famous” work?  And why is it so often the case?

There’s an internal fight somewhere deep inside an artist, to not sacrifice the meaning for the substance (the message for the dollars) but it can get lost when the social narrative seemingly for everyone these days is to seek fame over meaning.

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Dreams were sold

“Dreams were sold to the young and the old
that ain’t you and that ain’t me”

Everything is for sale.  Pleasures, experiences, and especially attention and ideas.  What are you buying into?  What do you agree to, without question?
When or if you wake up…what do you do next?

“Dreams were sold” is one of my new ones and it’s getting the recording treatment this week.