“Just Ask Evan”

My friendship with the BackBeat Brewery in Beverly MA goes back a year now and ironically I didn’t drink dark beers before covid.

In the early times of lockdown and paranoia I got into Guinness and when I met owner Pete Harkins he assumed I was always a stout lover, and so he named one after me.

It’s nice to have a beer named after me but you’d have to ask him how that name came to be (either I’m knowledgeable about some things or I’m just a wise ass when it comes to others).

Whatever the reason…people seem to dig it and “Just Ask Evan” has now moved into cans so you can take it home with you.

Visit the BackBeat Brewing Co. Here


I saw a piano die last night


I saw a piano die last night
And watched the flames suck every last note out of its wood
The keys melting together and turned black

Technology turning to dust
Mind body finger key connection falling away
Turn into nothing at once

It didn’t take long for the finish to catch and turn
The old spinet into a fireball
A kind of signal to god in the dark sky on a cold New England December night
A revolt in a way of being mortal

Look at this we say, we’re not afraid of transforming beauty the way you do by your design when you take us from our beautiful existence here on earth
But in defiance we won’t let this piano rot in a junk yard
Oh no
we’ll take it first
And show you our own wings
We also know how to live

And then our own anger joins the pianos anger
For sitting quiet and listening to
All the souls that passed it by
Without ever giving themselves a chance
To know the instruments deep beauty

All the souls who shuddered at the idea and literally the
Sound of their own novice
And wouldn’t press a key
And lacked the vision of seeing themselves after the hard work
On the other side of joy
And on the other side of the flames

It was both the repository of forgotten
Desires and dreams for some at the same time
Was the very symbol of civilized hope for others

An unplayed piano in every house
Everyone trying for at least 2 months of lessons
And yet the token of spiritual medicine
Sometimes for the human race

Broken and battered
Unused and neglected
The keys stood in defiance of the judgement
And continued to produce sound
Even if broken out of tune at times
There were last words spoken before the flame came

Don’t worry about forgetting me
For I am not a thing
But part of something larger
A gear in the wheel
In which we are all captured
By choice
The same place where we shout at god and burn pianos to the winter night sky
At the same time it’s our home
And in our minds we will never leave


And this light my eyes were closed to blinds me now they way it used to do

I’m getting back on my feet again
I’m coming back to the world
I see a light I never saw before
It was always on

And this light my eyes were closed to
Blinds me now the way it used to do
One time when I was a child

I’ve been down so many roads
It’s hard for me to feel who I used to be
The past is a tapestry
Pulling it apart won’t set you free
The past is a tapestry

I’m opening my eyes again
Everything fits together now
I knew it one time
When life was simple
How do we forget

Finding things I didn’t know were lost
like the meaning in your eyes
I won’t forget again

I’ve been down so many roads
It’s hard for me to feel who I used to be
The past is a tapestry
Pulling it apart won’t set you free
The past is a tapestry