Last May

Use me
I remember your name
No stranger
Old Man

When the world was something else

The hard work

Almost everything I see that’s for sale is some sort of concerted effort to dodge the hard work. Diet pills, instant SEO solutions, short cut plug-ins for life.

I’ve spent another half of my life teaching music, privately, intimately, opening up the doors of the creative mind for people, and in the end it amounts to being hard work. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t pleasurable and rewarding, in fact one can argue that the greatest thrill you can ever achieve is in empowering someone with a skill. Human hierarchies aren’t predicated on power, but on love and sharing, and that’s exactly what it means to teach.

It’s not unlike sounding out the words on a page when teaching an infant to read, it’s damn slow stuff sometimes. And it takes one on one correction because everyone is unique.
Videos can’t do that.
Lectures can’t do that.
“How to books” are pretty much useless in the realm of learning conversation which is what music really is.
The hard work actually adds up to something.
Hard work IS the shortcut someone else is trying to sell you.

Remember when?

Will live streams be making a comeback really soon….???