FLY turns 20 today

The Hamster Wheel

The Hamster wheel is easy to understand.
You channel all your resources, your time, $, towards reaching a goal.
Maybe it’s Instagram fame, or Spotify play numbers.

But you’re actually running in place.
And someone else is benefitting from the energy you put out.

The time you spend on the hamster wheel goes to them.
The advertisers, the tech overlords.

Now, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Maybe you don’t know about the hamster wheel and jump on it.
And then you discover it, (most likely because you crash and burn in some ways).

And then you see that others around you know about it.
But no one talks about it.
Maybe you find yourself silent along with them.

Ask yourself why.

Catching up

Been going through my phone and email accounts emailing people I haven’t talked to since…forever.
Biggest question I get: Are you a bot?
Then I have to answer a question or to which I always enjoy the challenge…
This is Frank Morey, haven’t seen him since I helped book him a few shows 10 years ago…we were playing on the same night at the The Town & The City Festival a few weekends past…
So…if you look through your email folders you might find an email from me, reaching out through the years, checking in, checking up…
Or just saying hi…from time to time.
Thanks to Amy Beauregard for the timely shot!


Renegades and Healers

I’ve never seen the conflict between the ruling class and the commoners (everyone else) be more transparent than it is right now.
There’s a worldwide running narrative of the people against their leaders, some of whom are obeying the real elite, the wealthiest international individuals who can’t be held accountable by any system that they manipulate or control.
Still, there’s hope…
In the bloody history of humankind we’ve always had the same sort of problem in the caste system (with individual greed being the real spiritual dilemma) but the renegades and the healers have always risen from anonymity to bring us forward.
When the time comes those leaders will emerge.

“We going to fly over everything that we see / when no one knows what happens next we’re going to be renegades and healers”

People will step forward. They always have.

I still believe in people.

Waking up in Barcelona

Waking up in Barcelona
There’s nothing to do but drink coffee slowly
And feel the sun
That comes through the window

These old walls laugh at us all
Bullet holes older than my soul

Down in the square
Before the internationals rise for the day
There’s only locals
I’m looking at them looking at me
Why don’t you come to Sunday dinner they ask
It’s not just the old world you’re eating

These old walls laugh at us all
Bullet holes older than my soul

Passing these eyes on the street
They wear their lives on their faces
And they know
There’s too many people here
from other places

Some hate but they take my money anyway

These old walls laugh at us all
Bullet holes older than my soul

Big thanks to the Town and the City Festival

The city of Lowell was overrun with music this past weekend and I was happy be a part of it.
I was asked multiple times about this one I played “Lift” so here t’is.

Cohasset MA Thursday April 25th

Please join us tomorrow night on the South Shore in the Cave


Hard to find


I posted a cover of the Allman Brothers song “Dreams” on Facebook.  People thought it was mine and I got messages asking me if I was ok, if I was in some sort of pain?

So, I took it down but it is on Rumble Mix #18 (at the end) if you want to take a listen.

To me sad songs let others know that we all go through “it” and that you’re not alone, in any of your emotions.

And, on top of that, unbeknownst to me, while I was recording it, it turns out that their legendary guitar player Dickey Betts was coincidentally passing away.  Interesting….



Just one more mornin’ I had to wake up with the blues
Pulled myself outta bed, yeah Put on my walkin’ shoes
Went up on the mountain To see what I could see
The whole world was fallin’ Right down in front of me

‘Cause I’m hung up on dreams
I’ll never see, yeah, baby
Ah, help me, baby
Or this will surely be the end of me, yeah

Pull myself together
Put on a new face
Climb down off the hilltop, baby
Get back in the race

‘Cause I’m hung up on dreams
I’ll never see, yeah, baby, yeah
Ah, help me, baby
Or this will surely be the end of me, yeah

One for Mr. Collins

Playing with different crews

Playing with Dan Moretti, Marty Ballou and Marty Richards, taken by Gansett Photography.

I drove to RI last Sunday night to play an unrehearsed set with this stellar band for a packed house and it made me think about how many factors go in to such a spectacle.  First, there’s the music, a jazz and blues pedagogy that people who play “that” music know so well.  The “standards.”

Second, there’s the vibe and openness of playing with a new combination of souls that you’ve never encountered together before.

Third, there’s a massive amount of details:  Starting and ending songs, giving cues, taking cues, making space for solos and features, as well as sound balance, looking for mutual musical conversation.

It’s literally on the spot project building.

I consider myself lucky to even be considered with such magnificent musicians, not just these guys, but a network that spans the country and Europe.

The Soundman and I lamented that we were both lacking a hard drive to capture it, and so the night belongs only to those who were there.

Sometimes you don’t get to put magic in a box.

Guitar solos

“I’ll be around” (whole song) 4.6.24

Happy Birthday “Rise” (April 10th, 2019)

This Saturday April 6th in Byfield (Newburyport)

Show @ 8pm GO HERE

If it’s gone just let it go

The Boston Music Circus was the Monday night residency band at Wallys in Boston for 3 years (13-16).
Letting the Web URL go just now made me think fond memories of the past.
And yet…if it’s gone just let it Go.

One for St. Barths

We used to close the night with this one, and as it’s the St. Barths Bucket this weekend I’ve had a bunch of messages from old friends. Mostly, “Where are you?”
So, here’s a shout out:

Little laughs

The fight

When we feel like we lost our way with love we seek control instead. And so we push and bitch and curse the things that we see, “the other side.”
Red Vs. Blue,
Me Vs. You,
It’s brilliant because they always wanted to get you to fight each other, and the longer you remain ungrounded the more familiar you’ll be living in that space.

And there are solutions everywhere but you have to stop talking and start listening instead.
It’s not too late.