Someone else’s preference

It may not be new but it may be new to you

Bladerunner (one of my favorite films) was a box office disaster and for many reasons.  It wasn’t until VHS rentals in the 80’s caught on, (movies at home) it became a “cult classic.”  How many big things of the moment bomb and then later, as years go by more and more people find out about them?

In 2021 it’s clear we’re on the other side of that now and with so much great art to choose from, it’s there if we can find it.
“Say it” was released on this day in 2010 and I think it’s stood the test of time.
If you don’t have it consider buying it from my Store or find it on Youtube

City of lights

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Record Cover Madness

In the Instagram filled world what does a record cover even mean to people?

How many art statement “turns” do we keep taking until we’re back to where we started from again?

Simple like Bill with his lunch pail?


Confusing like Ry Cooder…

Lil Nas X?  (or many versions of him)