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Love and death

I lost a bunch of people over the covid time span.  None from Covid but from depression.   Depression from the lockdowns, job loss, family loss, economic fallout.  Some might have an amnesia coming on as some of those times are hard to stomach looking back at them. One friend confessed the want to suicide and […]

Souls of Salt

If tears could only smile I might see their personalities they would show themselves to me before they fall fast and deep souls of salt they lay to rest for here is the place they choose to die one by one I watch them go I watch them go There a mystery Only they can […]

When the party is over

Just because the party ends in one place doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pick up somewhere else And hopefully we can find the commonalities between yesterday and tomorrow so that we can remember that scene is always us and what we bring to it. .

The unique situation

Once when I was 22 I was working at a music store, getting my “chops up” learning how to teach. Half hour lessons for $18, lots of kids learning on the first hours of their instruments (they would buy the instruments and take lessons at the store). One day I was introduced to Steve who […]

Dream up the best dream you can imagine

Dream up the best dream you can imagine And believe in your heart of hearts that it will happen if all this Dream ever does is make you feel good then that’s already a big deal. Because feeling better gives you that little bit of leeway you need to break free Of the depression negativity […]

Words and what they mean, if they mean anything at all

Juxtapose writing a book to doing an improvised live stream rant. A book was first dreamed of. Then rough drafted. Then refined and edited. Then someone else looked at it. Maybe they made changes and corrections. Then it was published. Then people invested hours in reading it to discover something. Hopefully something important and not […]

Backpage Anniversary

Today marks 6 years since the closing of the Backpage in Lowell, MA. I was a music director for a nightclub in Lowell Massachusetts that lasted 6 years called the “Backpoge” (2011-2017). It was a small 100 person capacity club that was tucked down an alley on a canal in the downtown grid, it offered […]


One of the greatest reasons to do what I do is to have the adventure of meeting and collaborating with others. Maybe it’s playing yoga classes with a live yoga band.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Evan Goodrow (@evangoodrow) Or meeting and supporting a slam poet from Africa. Here’s […]

Lyrics page is up

Woke up this morning And my world had changed I was feeling a little lovesick for the early days Everyones got a lifeline They hold onto when the sea gets rough again But can you tell me what kind of trouble you’re living in Cause I’d believe in you if you think I could And […]


I’ve been told that I make others songs sound like my own when I play them. I take that as a compliment. The “artist” part in “Artistry” is probably working. Enjoy some INXS: 

Renegades and Healers Recap

The release date for “Renegades and Healers” was set for March 20th 2020. Understandably you could say it was overlooked. It’s my only solo acoustic guitar voice record that has no overdubs and was done completely live in the studio.

But what do the numbers actually mean?

Likes/Views/Streams…numbers. There’s a large group of people that go to what they think is popular, only because it’s popular. It’s that group that goes to the Phish show that don’t know any of the songs they just want to be with the crowd, or maybe the boys that follow the girls to the Ariana Grande […]