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Technique vs. Message

“If we admire the music of a certain composer and having studied his style very thoroughly we draw up rules of musical composition based on this composer we then go to send our children to music school to learn these rules in the hope that if they apply them they will become first class musicians […]

Bending and unbending

When we agreed upon a plan to record and mix an entire record in 24 hours under camera, there were many forces and agendas that came together.  While an ambitious and enthusiastic producer and cameraman wanted to get his rough pilot in front of some west coasters for a shot at getting a reality TV […]

Standing in the middle of my soul

But what does “Standing in the middle of my soul” actually mean? Maybe, to be balanced or to “see” things in alignment.  Of course, this is abstract thinking and everyone is going to have a different reaction to it depending on their interpretation of the word soul.  And in the end, I never want to […]

But what does it mean?

I was asked last night about the title “Renegades and Healers.”  What does is mean? “Those are the people who change the world.” We gonna fly over everything that they see / When no one knows what happens next/ We’re going to be renegades and healers  Big thanks to MVYRadio for debuting this one on […]


Happy New Year everyone, enjoy!    She only pretends to sleep Her eyes are on her window Soon the sun will be rising Will she forget the feeling When the world is new And everything is dangerous She tries but she can’t choose between the man and the world outside her window Will she […]


I spend a lot of time talking with others and while a lot of it is about the “music” and about “that time this or that happened” it’s a big thing to have so much history with so many and be focused on the future at the same time (this is a trick friends and […]

More with less

A big thanks to all the birthday wishes from everyone, it’s appreciated. I spent some time recording my thoughts on my number one tech device (*pictured below) on the holiday (coinciding with my birthday) and in the age of smart phones I was questioned on using such a primitive device in lieu of the massive […]

The new line-up

I started on an acoustic guitar. I write most material with an acoustic guitar. It’s time to give you “Renegades and Healers” (and yes, the original version of that one is in it). I’ve been dabbling with this recording for years, trying to decide how to do, what to have on it and when I’ve […]