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PMC 2020

This would have been the 7th year of donating a music performance to the Pan Mass Challenge, (the biggest fundraising for cancer event in New England). Made a video online for them this time around for the “PMC Virtual” (here’s a shot from that video) and wishing everyone health and happiness in the organization. They’re […]

Breaking the meditative silence

Time to break the meditative silence I’ve been on since leaving the internet.  Had to turn everything off in order to turn myself back on and get some art done. Listening to the final mixes of “FuturePlaneta” last night and not entirely sure if I can summarize it but I’ll try. It’s forgiveness, hope, and […]

Grateful for time

I’ve been making the most of the time, writing, listening, practicing, and cleaning and I’m grateful to have the time to do it.  Oftentimes we leave things unfinished -this is always going to happen in some way because you can’t finish everything and that’s life:  The messiness, the unknown future, the unspoken words.   All together, […]

Things to consider

I was discussing the silver linings about our situation with someone and I thought I might share an insight: There was a window of time in the history of this country (many others as well),  say starting in 1945, in which we had time.   We had nights and weekends and we didn’t carry computers around […]


“Wake up to the life you’re missing They give dollars for your time and steal ideas from your mind Smoke is there to blind your vision See through it with your thoughts and don’t believe their lies” Lyrics as soup for your soul, words that can liberate your thinking.