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“You said something to me once….don’t practice things that do not serve you personally. I’m paraphrasing but it would creep in as I was wasting valuable time on techniques and speed that, looking back, I didn’t really care about. I guess it was a mindset of “if I can’t do this this and this then […]


Playing at Umass Dartmouth tonight in New Bedford MA, the second hour of the “Star Series Week” from 7pm-8pm.  Live stream on Facebook only, that’s Here  

10 observations of and for beginning guitar players

Just a few points that might help… 1. Beginners are mesmerized and dazzled by guitar frets, the mathematical and sonic relationships waiting to be discovered with a rubix cube kind of wonder, it’s evidence of the guitar players preoccupation with the left hand (fretting hand) and subsequent “box playing.” 2. There’s often ideas about using […]

A jazz record?

 Once upon a time I started making a jazz record.  I wrote, rehearsed and recorded with my jazz group “Sauce.”  Then I became busy doing other things which is often the case when you play different styles of music.   I was most likely writing “Burn” at time. I’ve uncovered a jazz record that I […]

5 years ago

It’s amazing what you find when you go looking for it…. No So Social Distancing in the Caribbean.

All she sees is god

I’ve had more questions about and discomfort over this song than any other one that I can remember in the recent past.  Hint: it’s not about god, it’s about believing in something that you don’t or won’t question, could be any sort of behavior or decision that doesn’t do you good or make sense.   All […]

Vids and vids

Working on the next record and I was breezing through some screen shots and came across this one. It’s indicative of the mindset I get in when I work in-between songs, imagine that each shot here is a different song in my mind, I flip between them and hold them up to each other, to […]