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Ode to Bill Nichelmann and the Grog

One of the owners of the Grog has died and returning there last night for a gathering celebration of his life was heartfelt.  Seeing a community built around a family owned business and the amount of weight and meaning that Bill brought to Newburyport MA became quickly obvious.  I’m grateful that he had me play […]

CCCD: Course Corrections Compact Disc

I’m making a short run of these, the same way I did with “FuturePlaneta” and “Renegades and Healers.” If you’d like one, email me sooner than later.  They will all be signed and mailed myself.

Upside Down Jam

 evangoodrow · Upside Down The Soundcloud account is back up and there’s some surprises in there, you’ll have to poke around to find them though. You don’t need an account to like and share with soundcloud. And of course you can find me on YouTube doing it solo but it’s way different. ev

City of lights

 Left myself back there somewhere In the city of lights Will I have to return to find it again The city of lights won’t sleep It only dreams about what might have been The street that leads you to her Is the only street that you want to be on Opened my eyes at […]

Boats and music

It’s always fun to poke around through the past. And sometimes I find that I’ve missed a few things (like posting certain songs on certain platforms that people ask for) And of course, there’s always the future, always on it’s way to us.

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone

Yesterdays blackout was telling. Hot on the heels of a scathing whistleblowing event on 60 minutes a world of 2? billion Facebook/instagram/whatsapp users suddenly had no access to information that they unknowingly relied on.  Pity. So, maybe we go back to old fashioned emails? (have you emailed me recently) ??? Technology can’t be argued with, but […]

Boston Music Circus

Reunited with bandleader Mario Perrett last night in Salem for a bit of fun and brought back “Boston Music Circus” days… I do miss being in the supportive role with this band, singing back up vocals, don’t get a chance to do it as often as I’d like. Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Dirty Guitar Clip

And I found this one…send to your guitar playing friends… board-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen>