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   I want to lift you up I won’t let you down I came here to tell you face to face It’s the way I want to do it It don’t matter if we make it It only matters that we try When you’re down here’s my hand just take it We can lift […]

Frivolous fun

I get accused of being too serious. They tell me that I think too much before I speak. Well, they can eat this one.

Lamenting the departed music rooms

Thanksgiving 2021 @ the Railway in Beverly MA.   When I listen to live recordings from the past, particularly jazz ones, I focus on what I can pick up from the crowd. The anticipation, clapping, cheering etc. I try to imagine all the stories that go with these places. The people that met there. The […]

Backyard Parties

After 2 years of cancellation the historic Heatherfest happened last night and it was one for the books.

End of summer

Float Float this is life on a cloud why worry about it now  fingers open and catch nothing  I can’t hold time do you recognize me  from another place am I familiar to you let’s dance on this cloud  together for awhile


It’s hard to understand what’s worse:  Legacy broadcast media (news media institutions established before the digital era, such as ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, NPR and NBC) publications and commentaries or that people believe and defend it.   I wrote a song about it in 2020 called “Smoke.” When the futures on hold and […]

Hard to believe I missed this one

It’s a challenge to stay on top of everything. Despite using this one as the “warm up” for almost every band concert for 5 years I somehow missed it when putting “Say It” up on YouTube…go figure.

When no one know what happens next

I’ve never seen the conflict between the ruling class and the commoners (everyone else) be more transparent than it is right now. There’s a worldwide running narrative of the people against their leaders, some of whom are obeying the real elite, the wealthiest international individuals who can’t be held accountable by any system that they […]