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Where have you gone Evan?

Sometimes my own test emails land in the spam box (see below). Sometimes despite my best intention and your permission I can’t get word to you…for some reason (either there’s a technical glitch or a simple war from big tech to have me pay to interact with you). I’ve been here along through covid with […]

When the past shows up

While putting together a special “Best of” CD for the March Chatelet concert I scrolled through all the recordings from my past, listening to this and that, making decisions about what would be on it. New and old together. An email comes in from a decade ago. How’s so and so? So many people who […]


Today marks the 5th year since the last Blue Taleh jazz night (Jan 24th, 2018), it was always on Wednesdays but the date happens to fall today (despite being a Tuesday). The Wednesday night jazz night became a jam and went on for 9 years at the Blue Taleh in Lowell MA (when I was […]

It’s not art if it isn’t shared.

 I know a great musician who never plays for anyone.
 I know a great writer who won’t even write a blog.
And, I know a talented actor who sits and waits for someone to choose her. Don’t we all know someone who fits a version of this story? These days I find myself referring to […]

“Just Ask Evan”

My friendship with the BackBeat Brewery in Beverly MA goes back a year now and ironically I didn’t drink dark beers before covid. In the early times of lockdown and paranoia I got into Guinness and when I met owner Pete Harkins he assumed I was always a stout lover, and so he named one […]