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The Hamster Wheel

The Hamster wheel is easy to understand. You channel all your resources, your time, $, towards reaching a goal. Maybe it’s Instagram fame, or Spotify play numbers. But you’re actually running in place. And someone else is benefitting from the energy you put out. The time you spend on the hamster wheel goes to them. […]

Catching up

Been going through my phone and email accounts emailing people I haven’t talked to since…forever. Biggest question I get: Are you a bot? Ha! Then I have to answer a question or to which I always enjoy the challenge… This is Frank Morey, haven’t seen him since I helped book him a few shows 10 […]

Renegades and Healers

I’ve never seen the conflict between the ruling class and the commoners (everyone else) be more transparent than it is right now. There’s a worldwide running narrative of the people against their leaders, some of whom are obeying the real elite, the wealthiest international individuals who can’t be held accountable by any system that they […]

Waking up in Barcelona

Waking up in Barcelona There’s nothing to do but drink coffee slowly And feel the sun That comes through the window These old walls laugh at us all Bullet holes older than my soul Down in the square Before the internationals rise for the day There’s only locals I’m looking at them looking at me […]


I posted a cover of the Allman Brothers song “Dreams” on Facebook.  People thought it was mine and I got messages asking me if I was ok, if I was in some sort of pain? So, I took it down but it is on Rumble Mix #18 (at the end) if you want to take […]

Playing with different crews

Playing with Dan Moretti, Marty Ballou and Marty Richards, taken by Gansett Photography. I drove to RI last Sunday night to play an unrehearsed set with this stellar band for a packed house and it made me think about how many factors go in to such a spectacle.  First, there’s the music, a jazz and […]

If it’s gone just let it go

The Boston Music Circus was the Monday night residency band at Wallys in Boston for 3 years (13-16). Letting the Web URL go just now made me think fond memories of the past. And yet…if it’s gone just let it Go.