Entries by Evan Goodrow

Capturing Magic (working without a net)

In the way old days…recording groups had to record together “live” sometimes on just one microphone. If someone made a mistake the group had to start over again. You might imagine that the level of musicianship (the barre) was much higher because if you were a drummer on a session and you dropped your stick […]

Ok, so then what?

The music world is constantly divided between the past and the future with covers, tributes, nostalgia acts being past derivatives and pretty much anything else falling into the future. How do we weigh tomorrows sound against what we heard yesterday, especially when yesterdays sounds are what brought us here today? I recorded and played a […]


Sometimes lyrics are on a mission to have you understand something, other times they are just meant to inspire dreams… Float This is life on a cloud Why worry about it now Fingers open and catch nothing I can’t hold time Do you recognize me From another place Am I familiar to you? Let’s dance […]

The yoga past

I started dabbling with yoga in my late teens.  It took hold of me around 25 and I’ve never put it down. I also listened to a lot of Ravi Shankar and so when I was asked to do it, I put together a band that could play to yoga classes. And so “Seva” was […]

Grey Lines

I thought I knew I thought I had it right When black and white turns to grey Right and wrong goes away You got to figure things out for yourself Grey lines take me away Street lights blind our eyes I used to see the world in black and white but it’s all turned to […]

Confessions and revelations in the words

WHAT HAPPENS I see your ghost chase me everywhere Only cause I’ve been walking through my past Sometimes I only feel like half of the boy I used to be Soul and smile of me, you found a way to my heart and you didn’t want to stop Believing it would last forever What happens […]

Lights in a dark sky

Ten years ago I was approached on a break, on a gig, by a man who I had seen before, he had been to some shows. He promptly began to tell me about how he had burned all my CD’s (we were still back in CD period then) and how he would never pay for […]

In my universe

If I could stretch out my words over time And turn them into colors I could paint you such a beautiful picture Show you things about yourself You might never see Like in the deepest parts of our soul Where some part of us hides We really want to be seen