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Mid-week Groove!

Grey Lines Blackbird The Edge Sunrising Worried Life Blues No Stranger Little Wing All Midnight Rider Horizons It’s Probably Me Waiting In Vain

I don’t need “Rolling Stone magazine” I just need you

“Poignant lyrics that reflect the sign of the times. Evan Goodrow continues to share his soulful voice and intricate guitar playing with us. Accompanied by strong, percussive riffs by Derek Hayden and bass line by Greg Toro, this album will leave the listener wanting to hear more. FuturePlaneta gives us hope during a period of […]

The Edge

This song is my love letter to wall street.  No matter your point of consciousness on the subject, you do in fact forfeit your financial wealth when you die, and indeed “can’t take it with you when you go.” evangoodrow · The Edge The Edge All we have is our hands our hands help us […]

We gather, we connect

It’s what we’ve done since the dawn of time and it’s what we’ll do until the end.  Of course whether or not we choose to sit at a fire and have conversations while looking others in the eyes, or reside ourselves to being netflix slaves and chronic phone users, will ultimately decide on the quality […]


evangoodrow · All You were standing on the the edge of your life I was just an observer And when you jumped I couldn’t stay there and do nothing You already had me You had me All or nothing at all Will leave you with empty hands Searching in darkness For something to hold onto […]

Music is medicine

My teacher, or mentor might be a better word for him, Charlie Banacos, was specific with his idea that music is a high powered form of medicine disguised as entertainment, and was quick to dismiss people who might study with him under the idea of becoming better “entertainers.” “Art for art’s sake” was one of […]

Here, there, and everywhere

Playing in Paris in 2018 I would like to think that the music I’ve made has helped bring happiness or insight to people. I would like to think that this is what moves them and it’s the reason why my music returns to their memory and consequentially they show it, or give it, or point […]