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Covid #4

After I made the first 3 Covid playlists I focused on writing and recording FuturePlaneta.  Then it seemed the world might go back to normal and I paused.  Alas, the ride isn’t over, and so the Covids will continue. Covid #4 is on it’s way. Have you heard the original Covids?

Words about “Rise”

Connecting the dots between rock, funk, and soul with his high-wire guitar playing and raw-boned-but elegant vocal performances, Evan Goodrow’s Loyalty sounds like an arrival. It’s the impressive work of a disciplined, self-aware performer who has captured his own unique genuine, soaring sonic and heart-felt vision.—Ted Drozdowski, Premier Guitar


You can write a book about what fire is and represents.  Or you can take a picture and let the photo do the talking.

My supporters have my back

The other night in low 30 degree weather, I grabbed my old beach guitar (a 90’s yamaha acoustic) and played outdoor at a bonfire with my friend Chris Fitz.  Keeping within the protocol we kept the audience to under 20 people and played until we couldn’t feel our fingers anymore, just under 5 hours. And […]


I’ve put together a few youtube playlists you might enjoy.  Put them on take them for a spin. The Record Sampler The Facebook Concerts The Fall Out Shelter Concert

Just say no to nostalgia

It’s easy to get nostalgic over the past.  But it doesn’t help us get anywhere we wish to go.  And when we change our minds about it we can turn directions and decide that what “was” was “best” and what “is” is better. I think this can be true of anything. Feb 8, 2014 below….(listen […]

New Years Eve (not the typical one)

As I sit here counting down the final hours of our dreaded covid 2020 I’m tempted to join in the lamenting but I can’t, and here’s why. Despite everything that’s happened I can’t help but feel hopeful for all the change, albeit turbulent, but still change that the entire world has undertaken, and is still […]