Evan Goodrow is an American singer-songwriter-guitarist and has written and produced 14 recordings of original soul, funk, blues and rock music.

He’s won the Boston Blues Award, played concerts for Marines on Nato bases in Europe and even jammed with Jimmy Buffet multiple occasions in the Caribbean. played multiple shows with B.B. King and even sang for the Yardbirds (technically making him the youngest Yardbird, ever).

Born in Ohio and raised north of Boston, he got his start playing jazz guitar and singing acoustic folk in coffee houses in the early 2000’s but quickly grabbed a funk rhythm section and a saxophone player and began touring around New England playing blues and jam venues and festivals.

His single “Let Me” (from 2010’s “Say It”) was on Amazon’s most downloaded “independent” singles.

In 2008 he was chosen to bring a band to Europe to play Nato bases for military troops in the Middle East conflict and was an official representative for “Support Us” an independent long distance United States Military Voting initiative.
He also headlined Duval Patricks inauguration concert in Boston MA that same year.

He’s well known in the island of Saint Barths in the Caribbean having completed over 300 concerts there since 2007, and having spent time jamming with Jimmy Buffet.

This April 2019 marks the arrival of his 14th recording, “Rise.”

“Pretty fly for a white guy” writes the Philadelphia Times.

-B.B. King
“Sings and grooves with the likes of Curtis Mayfield”
-The Noise Magazine (Boston, MA)
“Pretty fly for a white guy!”
-Philadelphia City Paper
-“This is a band to watch”  Carter Allen 100.7 WZLX
(Boston’s Classic Rock)
“Knocked me straight on my ass!”
-Kenn Hinton WTCC 90.7 FM


David Moore -Percussion

David Moore is a drumming textbook.  A lifetime of curiocity, study and exploration of jazz, Caribbean, African, and funk music have created a musical persona that is both deep and exciting.  He’s the drummer who doesn’t want to solo while everyone asks him to.

Greg Toro -Bass
Boston bassist Greg Toro is both a minimalist and a composer in every circumstance, and with his 5 string fender bass he connects everything in a song to a higher level.   His playing is both funky and spiritual and his solos are a rare gem as few bass players can command the instrument that way.

Bobby Bryan -Keys

Bobby is an almost entirely ear trained Herbie Hancock devotee which amplifies a unique approach to the keys.  Primarily a rhythmic player and not a showboat, he works with and responds first and foremost to whatever develops with the section.

(Photo by Matthew Cohen)

The band has had many incarnations:  previous members include John Cooke, Philip Antoniades, Rick O’Neale, Thomas Hebb, Stanley Swann, Denis Brunelle, Dean Monoxelos, Steven Rose, Mario Perrett, Carl Benevides, and Charles Langford, Bob Malone,
Benny Benson, Blake Newman, Bruce Bears, Charles Langford, David Maxwell, Don Vappie, Doug Belote, Mark Early, Mark Zaleski, Matty Alger, Sam Kininger, Tim Mayer, Timo Shanko, Tony Vaughn, and Tom Bianchi.

The band line-up in generations.

Generation 6 (2016-present)
David Moore
Greg Toro
Bobby Bryan

Generation 5 (2008-2016)
Carl Benevides
John Cooke
Phil Antoniades

Generation 4 (2007-2008)
Matt Alger
Rick O’Neal
Tim Mayer

Generation 3 (2004-2007)
Carl Benevides
Rick O’neal
Philip Antoniades

Generation 2 (2002-2004)
Mario Perrett
Steve Rose
Mike Miksis

Generation 1 (2000-2002)
Stanley Swann
Dino Monoxelos
Denis Brunelle


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