Zero plan

Got a call yesterday to fill in for a special guest in Salem MA at the Mercy tavern with the Sunday night Eric Reardon residency. I happened to be playing a special event at a club in Marblehead that afternoon so the timing couldn’t be better. I made the second gig.

One of the unsung benefits of living the musician life is the spontaneous call, walking into a performance setting with an unrehearsed band and with zero plan. And you just see how it goes.

You play with musicians you haven’t played with and you meet strangers with stories and you don’t know what will happen. And there’s a great magic and excitement in life when you go with that and engage it, while dismissing anxiety or high expectation.
Like a guest chef in a foreign kitchen you start opening cupboards to see what’s there and what you’ll cook everyone for dinner.
And you’ll do it without a plan because you find if you’re open to the adventure, you’ll never need one.