Grocery Store lyrics

I heard some more garbage lyrics in a grocery store this morning and thought and it made me think of a recent conversation.
I was asked how do I write a song?
How do I actually do it.
I confessed that there is no one way of doing it but many ways, and if you’re doing it well, well then there’s a kind of magic to it that is beyond a method.
That being said, there are some prerequisites for lyric writing that help:

1) Have something worth communicating and be economic about it.
2) Decide that you’re going to put it into a form that can be understood.
3) Cook, distribute, watch and listen and then repeat. Many, many times.

4) (for my own, avoid cliches and well worn phrases, of course you might not be very popular but then again my goal was never to be played in grocery stores).

Supporting African writer Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe in NYC (post Covid era)

PS read a lot and hang out with great writers.