Playing with different crews

Playing with Dan Moretti, Marty Ballou and Marty Richards, taken by Gansett Photography.

I drove to RI last Sunday night to play an unrehearsed set with this stellar band for a packed house and it made me think about how many factors go in to such a spectacle.  First, there’s the music, a jazz and blues pedagogy that people who play “that” music know so well.  The “standards.”

Second, there’s the vibe and openness of playing with a new combination of souls that you’ve never encountered together before.

Third, there’s a massive amount of details:  Starting and ending songs, giving cues, taking cues, making space for solos and features, as well as sound balance, looking for mutual musical conversation.

It’s literally on the spot project building.

I consider myself lucky to even be considered with such magnificent musicians, not just these guys, but a network that spans the country and Europe.

The Soundman and I lamented that we were both lacking a hard drive to capture it, and so the night belongs only to those who were there.

Sometimes you don’t get to put magic in a box.