“I didn’t know you played jazz” (I hear that)

I waited 20 years to record a jazz record.

The music wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t ready enough. I felt like to would just be taking up space.
I had written a hundred instrumentals that I only threw away a year later because in my mind they didn’t sound original.
And my jazz guitar playing most times sounded like emulations of my heros, the Wes Montgomery’s and the Kenny Burrell’s.
And so I recorded many compositions and demos and never published them.

I also didn’t want to announce to the world that I had moved in a new direction and was now going to be
Playing jazz instead of anything else.
I admit it was a bit of a conundrum.

And it did occur to me that the years were passing by and that the hard work I had spent learning and playing it
Would be lost unless I did something about it.

I put together what I thought, and still think is, the best of the best. Short, simple, to the point.

Early on I was playing jazz with Stanley Swann and he had suggested the name “Sauce.”
Thomas Hebb, playing bass had agreed.
And so we called the group “Sauce.”

Many years later, the group had changed, the music too, but I kept the name.

I put out “Intro” a few years back and did almost nothing to promote it, as it came out around the time “Course Corrections” had arrived and I was busy with that.

People slowly discover it and to some general consensus they seem to like it.
If you want to listen for yourself there’s a page dedicated to it HERE.