Oboes and bass solos

Listening to a Motown playlist last night and Greg pointed out that there was a hidden oboe part on the bridge (I think it was a temptations tune). Oh yeah, I forgot about that oboe part.

Then I started to rediscover the background vocals. And then the strings. And then the brass.

It’s a reminder of how “built up” the whole production was, how they did things mostly live in the old days. Quite the opposite of modern production of slapping things together on a laptop and having someone sing over it with pitch correction, modern tech.

Someone once told me “your ancestors did twice as much with half as much” and whether or not it was building airplanes or bridges with bare hands (not to mention pyramids) or forging steel, or even with coming up with such radical documents as the Constitution, it’s a constant reminder to me to not take things for granted.
As humans, we have a lot because of those who came before, and there’s no excuse not to go further. That includes bass solos.

A live video of Middle St. just went up and Greg Toro takes one of those at 3:40 in…if you want to check it out.

From now on, I might refer to him as Mr. Oboe ears.