Don’t feel bad, most everyone didn’t make it either

When any system becomes “inverted” and can no longer sustain itself, it will crash on it’s own (scientists, economists, any regulated fields understand the obvious)…however…meanwhile in the arts world…or what might now be called the fame world…the adventure continues…

I had a dear friend spend quarter of a million dollars sending his daughter to music school, in his own words “to learn how to be famous.”
Today, she’s not, but the bills are real.

Don’t feel bad, most everyone didn’t make it either.

There are those who are making great art (music, film, writing) but a larger amount are simply chasing the algorithm, the popular trend: they are marketed to, lied to, extorted from, and played upon by their desires to be famous (which may or may not coincide with the desire to be rich, everyone’s different).

The musician, or what was the working musician, has become the customer.

The very basic human want to be loved and desired, isn’t a bad thing but it can be perverted by the want to be famous.

The artists will stand apart from those who are just trying to be famous.

(below snapshots of advertising videos I get on my page) remember…I’m the product.