Thanksgiving speech

(I found this, written on Thanksgiving 2019)

Thanksgiving speech and the spontaneous nature of creation…

I stood up and gave a Thanksgiving speech at the age of 6 that floored everyone in the room, and I don’t remember it, at least accurately, and the family still talks about it. You might say it was an immortal moment in my childhood.
And since, and in Irish fashion, they speak and joke about it lovingly and for years challenged me to “one up it.” You know, “do it better,” and that will never happen and I’ll tell you why. I could give a speech that’s better and they’ll never hear it as being better.
The spontaneous nature of creation that is completely “in the moment” has a great magic to it that can’t be replicated (this is common with children as they don’t have self judgment and they do naturally). As adults we still do it all the time in conversations, problem solving, and decision making, but to stand on a stage, that’s another thing.
The very act of trying to replicate it, to me, is futile (kind of like my distaste for tribute bands) because as I previously stated, no matter how good it is, it won’t be the original (in other words, I would have to be 6 again).
The solution is to make something entirely new.

My Thanksgiving speech might go something like this:

On the eve of 2020, while the world watches itself, trying to understand and perceive the totality of conditions on a planet through the small screens of their trusty hand companions, I might make my own suggestion and offering even if it may be a trickle of water added to the billions of voices that make up the river.

We alone, own and control ourselves, our focus, our ability to feel, love, and shed tears at the sounds and images that move us towards our mortality and our humanity, and that in a time, not unlike the times that have come before and the times that will no doubt always exist in the future, we each stand up and turn the camera off so that we might actually be “with” the sunset instead of taking pictures of it, and so we each have the power to become renegades and healers in our own ways.

My deepest thanks to all of you who choose to stay connected, “around the dinner table” if you prefer, because that’s what brings meaning….to just about everything.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone….