Lyrics -where do they come from?

I’ve had 3 separate conversations about lyric songwriting today so maybe it’s a message to write about it here:
My lyric writing is a messy business. As in, it goes everywhere and can be quite abstract, but it’s something like this:
I sit and try to write the truest sentence I can. Like open therapy I simply write with no editing, moving from wish to observation, word to word, not paying attention to rhyme or meter, just words.

An explosive amount of words. In big journals. Scattered all over the place.

I do that a lot. Then I go rummaging for something that works, a phrase or sentence, and when I’ve got something I fuse a few together and then hum them along with the guitar. Melody first, chords next.
Sometimes I hear it, as in it’s already here, other times it’s just out of reach and I’ve got to massage it out of my psyche.
I have played with setting intentions too: “Today I’m going to write the song about the thing” -it never seems to go well.

It’s a stubborn child that won’t listen to commands, my creative center resides in the infant consciousness, and it needs time to come out and even after it appears it will thrash about it until something cool happens.

I write maybe 4 songs for every one that ends up published.