Paying for popularity

The music at the top of the Spotify playlists are all paid for. And if they’re paid for then they arrived there from the origins of the most money. Which may indicate why they may not be very popular, even though they’re Number #1.

They weren’t chosen by demand and listeners, but by payment.

You know this scenario:

It’s the movie that’s won all the awards that no one you know has seen

It’s the pop song that has no meaningful lyrics and no one remembers the title or the artist.

It’s the story on the news and everyone is talking about someone else’s reaction to it and not the actual story.

Below is a small example of it. My class of musician get advertised to a lot under the brainwash that you have to pay money to look popular until you actually become popular. May have worked for a very small few but it’s just advertising revenue until people wake up to it, stop doing it, and everyone goes somewhere else.