Remembering Jimmy (Christmas babies alike)

There’s a lot to say about the many times I played with Jimmy Buffett. He was first and foremost a very cool guy, and I think that had more to do with his success in life more than anything else. In the times I played with him from 2007-2016, in St. Barths, we were always surrounded by crowds and so there were only a handful of intimate one on one conversations. Despite the gap between us, him being a billionaire superstar and me being an unknown soul musician from Boston I’m happy to say that he treated me like an equal when we simply talked about things.

I spent an afternoon at his house in St.Barths helping him set up pro tools on one occasion, had restrung his guitar with my signature “Tone Rocket” strings another time.
We had lunch once and got into some serious conversation about Daniel Ek and Spotify and what that would do to the music world, and he was right about everything he told me.

One of my earlier blogs “Jimmy’s got soul” (written just after I met him) was published by his parrothead newsletter, had a 350,000 physical circulation in print and they put it on page 3.

We’re both Christmas babies.

On Christmas Day 2010, on a boat racing around the island I had the crew of the boat I was on, sing him happy birthday. That’s a memory.

And of course, we played a bunch together.

He’ll be missed.