I was there to see the end
I was saying hello and everyone was saying goodbye
To that old bar where everyone met their first or had their first, did their first and discovered a new part of who they were and what they were trying to say

I witnessed ghosts behind their smiles and saw shadows behind their eyes,
As they dreamed of another time, and felt the incoming death of the room that held so much, meant so much

The lost conversations go on and on just like the drinks keep getting poured from a bottle that
has no bottom and somehow doesn’t run dry

I was there and I sang my song and it was the first one on the last night they were open and
In that last dream where everyone was saying goodbye not just to that soon to be destroyed
Wooden bar but to a way of life that came before or something close to that

The bartender who had been there from the start, turned out was also a singer and got up to sing and in that song she tried to put her finger on the end and why it mattered but she couldn’t because no one can, but we writers wake up in the morning and we try again anyway