The best era of radio happened when it was possible for people to request music.  It was a much more labor intensive way of interacting (you had to pick up the phone, sometimes wait on hold, and hope the DJ, if you got through to them, had the newest Police record), but the difficulty made it even more special because you really had to want to hear that song to pick up the phone.

The remaining independent programs have all but been squeezed out of existence, with precious few left after the “tiny desk concerts” of the world took over.

(One of the last independent stations that played my music explained to me last year that they wouldn’t play my music because they were only focusing on LGBTQ friendly musicians, and I don’t fall into their new target demographic).

Which is fine by me, we’re all making our own decisions in life.

And in the end, the future is a better place because we have more choice as to what we turn on and what we turn off.

The Original Tiny Desk Concert!  Below: playing live at WBOS in Boston, MA