“I love you, I hate you, you broke my heart, please come back”

It’s a synopsis of the majority of the pop music messages. Why? It’s what young teens (the first audience) go through when they’re trying to “figure out love,” and so it’s what connects first and fastest.

Redress the message, stick it with the age appropriate performer and the latest music trend, and your making $, these days in $400 ticket sales.

But what happens when you’ve outgrown this message?
You write about something else…like maybe the “wrong things.”

We worry about the wrong things
Use excuses to not spread our wings 
if we’ve got the love then it’s all we’re ever going to need
to build something greater than 
the world has ever seen

The wrongs things
are still the wrong things 
They use words to confuse but still 
everyone knows 
about the wrong things 

How can a man stand up
or a woman be heard in this ocean of message 
There’s people that love us and others that don’t know our name 
If the message is louder than the voice that carries it
others will hear it and come running 
Someday those wrong things they might disappear 

They use words to confuse
We can’t always trust our eyes 
Everyones guilty if you tell it that way
that’s shaking hands with the wrong things
The wrongs things
Are still the wrong things 
They use words to confuse but still 
everybody knows about the wrong things