When no one know what happens next

I’ve never seen the conflict between the ruling class and the commoners (everyone else) be more transparent than it is right now.
There’s a worldwide running narrative of the people against their leaders, some of whom are obeying the real elite, the wealthiest international individuals who can’t be held accountable by any system that they manipulate or control.

Still, there’s hope…

In the bloody history of humankind we’ve always had the same sort of problem (individual greed being the real spiritual dilemma) but the renegades and the healers have always risen from anonymity to bring us forward.
When the time comes those leaders will reveal themselves again.

“We going to fly over everything that we see / when no one knows what happens next we’re going to be renegades and healers”

Renegades and Healers” came out a few days before the U.S. recognized covid.