Unofficial release parties

The unofficial “Course Corrections” party at the “Railway” in Beverly, November 24th, 2021.

When “Renegades and Healers” came out on March 1st of 2020 it wasn’t exactly the most important news item at the time. And with the beginning of “covid times” it was an album I couldn’t really market given everything that was happening at the time.

The last show I had played, Thursday March 19th, was the first time I had some CD’s “in hand.”  And we all know what happened next.

It’s not the end of the music though.  “Renegades” has been spread around and continues to get introduced to the acoustic crowd (it’s the only solo acoustic recording I’ve made so far).

Venues don’t follow the same trajectories.

The Railway Tavern in Beverly started up last year and may already be finished, its “music stage” having been destroyed by the neighborly infestation of complaints that come from a class of people that are essentially bored.

And I wonder sometimes about all the music that came before in a place like Beverly Massachusetts, stretching back to Sandy’s Jazz Revival in the 70s.  The people, the dramas, the conversations, the arguments, all the messy things about improvisational music that we love, the non perfect, the mistakes.

Maybe that’s the history of being human.

(The music lives on in Beverly at the BackBeat Brewing, a place worth visiting)