Spotify for lunch

Years ago, in a bar in Tokyo, the owner having discovered I was a musician searched me on Spotify, played me, and I got good approval among the patrons who nodded, smiled, and bought me drinks.  All night.

The power of being that accessible on the other side of the world and with such speed is quite underrated.  It’s miracle like.  Of course it comes with costs.  I have a few music buddies who are high ranking on the streaming leader in the 10’s of millions.   They make enough to buy a fancy lunch once a week.  Mind you, they don’t complain as most of them don’t know how much $ you could make printing and selling your own CDs just 10 years ago.  You could pay a mortgage with that.

This isn’t “the old days were better” rant either.  Things, from where I sit, are great.  There have been so many people who have come out of the woodwork to show their support to me and in so many ways.

In a salut to the old days, word on the street is that Grog’s done with music.  Of course, you may remember I stopped playing there in 2017, but still there were a few remaining residency establishments have gone with it….we raise a glass to you!