“Sauce” debut recording

I started writing songs in my teens. They weren’t good songs, they were in fact awful (I know because I still have some recordings of them).
And at the same time I was “growing up” in the music world I was playing jazz guitar in college and I came to love it. So much in fact I entertained the idea of abandoning everything else, singing and writing, to just play jazz guitar. These sorts of ideas can grab you in a fever pitch and when you get “bit” by the “Jazz bug” …well.
Looking back now I’m glad I didn’t do that but I have been playing jazz “on the side” literally the entire time with my own jazz group called “Sauce.” A little more on that later.

I’ve made many jazz recordings in the past with this group and with others but I’ve never published anything. Until now.
Work is under way to complete the debut record of “Sauce” (Steve Langone on drums and Dave Landoni on upright bass) and there will be a formal announce date coming within the month of May.
Again, another covid benefit, to go find a recording that I had already made, take the time to dress it up, and then take it out into the world.