What’s the difference?

Someone I knew would offer his opinion quite a bit.  After awhile I noticed something funny.  According to him “Mozart was a genius.”  His words.  And then “D’Angelo is a genius.”

Finally, “Dude…Kanye is a genius.”

All things being equal…I stopped listening to him (not because I didn’t like him but just because he had no discrimination for “more and less” “beautiful and ugly.”)  Was he trained to maintain some sort of “correctness” or did he really thing Kanye West was a genius…or maybe he just didn’t understand what the word genius means.

Not all genius are made equal:  the following two posters are prime examples.  The first, a painstaking work of art in color placement and detail -made by an artist.

The second, a steaming hunk of crappy fonts and colors spilled over an already existing black and white media photo of me…made by who?

And….who misspells Christmas anyways?