I don’t need “Rolling Stone magazine” I just need you

“Poignant lyrics that reflect the sign of the times. Evan Goodrow continues to share his soulful voice and intricate guitar playing with us. Accompanied by strong, percussive riffs by Derek Hayden and bass line by Greg Toro, this album will leave the listener wanting to hear more. FuturePlaneta gives us hope during a period of uncertainty and makes the new normal feel livable.”

This was messaged to me by a friend/fan/supporter and a joke about it being a “Rolling Stone” style review.  I jokingly put it on my facebook page titled as a “Rolling Stone” review to which I received much enthusiastic response, the congratulations swept in.  The “world” had missed the joke, not unlike how the “online world” is becoming more devoid of humor and “tone” in language, and it’s becoming more and more like that especially on social media.

Getting into Rolling Stone magazine is a lot like getting on Oprah or Ellen Degeneres -it takes a lot of money and a very small “in-crowd” (record label, manager), and there’s more Trump stories in it these days than music.  Which brings me to another point, -why care about being in something like that?

The dream of “making it big” or being a “music celebrity” …these ideas were overblown decades ago, and unless you’re just trying to be famous…for the sake of being famous…or to be really rich….you’re kind of fooling yourself.  You can in fact make money, and you can be a certain kind of famous yes, but not in the “Kanye West” category to which I’m speaking of.

I’m happy to live in a time where I don’t need Rolling Stone to live as an artist (it wasn’t that long ago that it wasn’t the case and you in fact needed “the system” that I speak of above), and my crew, my friends, my supporters, have stepped up to support me in every way they can through Covid times and I’m happy to get back to work and make even More Music.