Breaking the meditative silence

Time to break the meditative silence I’ve been on since leaving the internet.  Had to turn everything off in order to turn myself back on and get some art done.

Listening to the final mixes of “FuturePlaneta” last night and not entirely sure if I can summarize it but I’ll try.

It’s forgiveness, hope, and concern. And it’s justice, resilience, and protest.
It’s a snapshot of what’s happening in 2020 for a us, a body of world citizens that share a firsthand viewership of the change in the flow of power between governments, corporations, and people.  Difficult and challenging, yes. Worth it? I think it is.

I’m tinkering with “FuturePlaneta” a while longer but I’ll have a publish date soon.

Want to reserve a CD for the special order run that I’m going to do?