Grateful for time

I’ve been making the most of the time, writing, listening, practicing, and cleaning and I’m grateful to have the time to do it.  Oftentimes we leave things unfinished -this is always going to happen in some way because you can’t finish everything and that’s life:  The messiness, the unknown future, the unspoken words.   All together, all in time.  The new recording is a snapshot of some of these things I was able to finish with the time that Covid gave us.

On another note….

I played last night in front of people at a little place in CT, and while most of the audience was on the patio outside and I was inside (playing to them indirectly) it was a relief to see people and play music for them again, to see their smiles and hear their laughter.

There’s backyard parties being planned for the next few months, the “new normal” as in … very “informal” and still grateful for everything coming down the road.