Things to consider

I was discussing the silver linings about our situation with someone and I thought I might share an insight:

There was a window of time in the history of this country (many others as well),  say starting in 1945, in which we had time.   We had nights and weekends and we didn’t carry computers around and our eyes didn’t burn from screens.  We weren’t the prisoners of phones.

It wasn’t that long ago.

We read books, listened to records, went dancing, and most homes had a piano and there was always someone who could at least get along with it.  We simply “showed up” at peoples houses and knocked on their doors, and if they were home we engaged.

Don’t misunderstand me, we also had crappier tech, less advanced medicine, more polluting machinery a few more wars to go, lest this be confused for a “it was better back in the day” statement because it isn’t.

Point being, a little slow down might help us in the long run lest we melt down from the heat that’s made by the culture spinning at the fastest speeds imaginable.  And there are wonderful things about “yesterday” that are being ignored by “tomorrow” like looking in a persons eye when you’re talking to them or being able to live without your implant (phone) for more than an hour.

Things to consider…