The problem with technically brilliant art

I was in a discussion that touched on the subject of how little usage of real instruments there is in pop music right now (a trend that started a decade ago but that picked up considerably in the last 3 years).

There’s so much digital perfection and pitch correction, it’s hard to tell how much is really made by voices and hands, and in my opinion the humanity is sucked out of it.

While Rolling Stone Magazine quotes will stroke artists like Billie Ellish for creating her entire record by herself with only her laptop (anyone with half an inch of knowledge of such assumptions would guess that they’re simply erroneous and that there was 7 figure effort behind the release), there is truth in that there are virtually no real instruments and no band to speak of.

If anyone wants to make the case that pop music just isn’t that popular anymore, this could be one of the reasons why.


  1. People long to hear something new and different even if they don’t know what it is.
  2. The same sound effects used in movie trailers, TV ads, and pop music is boring them to the point that they can’t remember what they’re seeing/hearing, even if they wanted to (thus the same ad has to play 17 times before it registers).
  3. If anything was sung live on TV, as in ANYTHING, with all the bits of imperfections that mix between a performer and an audience, people would talk about how great it was, because deep inside they might actually be relieved of the “computerdom digital perfection.”

Art is supposed to be messy.  Let it be messy.