Kind of a “Best of mix”

The show tomorrow night with Robert Cray is almost sold out and in anticipation of a few thousand people there, I’m thinking there might be a few that don’t know who I am so I thought I would burn some mixes for them.

(and this is what it looks like)

1 Let’s Burn Everything    (Burn)
2 Sunrising   (Renegades and Healers)
3 She’s On Fire   (Rise)
4 There’s No Reason (Fly)
5 Horizons  (Bootleg)
6 Hard To Handle (Modern Soul)
7 Let Me (Say It)
8 Can’t Go Home (Renegades and Healers)
9 Falling  (Rise)
10 Gettup (Fly)
11 Girls Dance With Girls  (24 Hours)
12 Renegades And Healers (Renegades and Healers)