Stories that were saved up

Lines like “I packed my bags long before this day came” and “She can’t choose between the man and the world outside her window” are going to resonate like a siren in an empty hall for some people.  It’s a part of the story and it’s going to come out in it’s own way.

We spend the first bit of our lives experiencing things we don’t understand and the second bit decrypting it and understanding it.  If it’s a healthy progress, than I would imagine the time “in between the bits gets shorter and shorter” maybe until we recognize what’s going on “as we see it.”

I’m an observer.  I’m constantly watching and attempting sense at the puzzle that we all live in.  I sit and play with the pieces that come from conversations and anecdotes and conclusions.  Is a philosophical life (or at least a life that has some philosophical conclusion) a happier life?  I think so.

The secret hiding in plain sight is that most of us have a version of the same story and often times we have more in common with each other than we think.  And I do think that we all have the ability to be both renegades and healers.