I was playing in a neighborhood pub in Marblehead for a friend who owns it (it’s a very cool “locals” hang called the “Barrelman and if you’re “on the head” you might check it out).

There’s a couple that are digging my stuff, trying to request songs and buy me drinks, and having a good time.  At the end while I’m packing up they tell me they own a marketing company and they ask for my card.  I give them a burned CD with a mix of the old and the new on it, and it has my name and info, and I tell them to listen to it first.  “Why listen?” is their question.

I tell them if they like it then to look me up because I only want to work with companies that are into what I’m doing.

The world is full of people selling crap they don’t care for and it comes across but if we don’t have to play that game, and it’s better for our souls, not to, then what’s the excuse?