Basement dreams

My dream of being a musician started in a basement.  It was a cold danky place with bad lighting and it would flood if it rained more than a few inches.

It wasn’t a furnished basement.  There was no flat screen TV.  There was no cell phone that constantly beeped and rang and stole my attention away.  There was only frets.

Reading the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaccson right now and it’s refreshing to learn about the early limitations people like him had (and it’s a well written book).

They started Apple in a garage, the same way Nirvana started, or like the famous legends of the boxers punching bags in basements, we all kind of start out with our hands and hearts.

And dreams are born.   And they continue…

Join us on May 23rd for the next “Extended Play Sessions” and the next video chapter…
(the first chapter is below)