“Free Drinks”

I’m not against any of the new tech services that pay little to nothing to writers and creators.  In my view there’s so many people in the world without means (the means to buy books, music, and art) that the internet as a framework for a public library of sorts doesn’t bother me as much as I’ve seen it bother others.

And of course, the ones who can afford to give back, donate, and financially support the arts that are deemed valuable by no authority other than their own tastes, essentially keep the boat afloat.

To use these services as a sharing tool, well it’s never been easier in history.

I was at a bar in Dorchester last week after a gig, catching up with a friend, and at the request of the bartender he asked me to play a mix on the jukebox (this is after seeing the guitar and asking about my musical preferences).

His $20 dollars and my 20 songs later, he wouldn’t let me pay for a drink.

And so I share with you the “Free Drink” playlist in Spotify.