Bending and unbending

When we agreed upon a plan to record and mix an entire record in 24 hours under camera, there were many forces and agendas that came together.  While an ambitious and enthusiastic producer and cameraman wanted to get his rough pilot in front of some west coasters for a shot at getting a reality TV show, I only wanted to get my material recorded and “out” for the fans that wanted it.

And as you can see, the art director decided to mimic one of the most popular TV shows of the time, 24, this was after all 2006.

Many powers at work, each coming together slowly, planning, then a few days of execution and then off into the sunset and ultimately in different directions.

Despite contractual promises, the pilot was never made (such was life sometimes in such matters).

There’s a time to bend and compromise and a time to not bend for anyone or anything at all for any reason and everyone’s got to to figure that out for themselves. 

24 isn’t on spotify but it does exist on apple music.  You can download it HERE but only until Feb 1st as that delivery system will be replaced.