I spend a lot of time talking with others and while a lot of it is about the “music” and about “that time this or that happened” it’s a big thing to have so much history with so many and be focused on the future at the same time (this is a trick friends and if you can figure it out for yourself, you’ll be way ahead).

How do you talk about the movie you’re going to make when the last one … was really so good that everyone will compare anything you do to it?

Gratitude is the thing that keeps me locked in.  I am forever grateful to all the people who surround me, support me, engage with me, and believe in the relevancy of what I do, not that music is just a passing soundtrack to our lives, or some kind of trick passage to becoming famous or rich, but that it’s an art, something that has message and purpose and can incrementally make our lives greater in relationship to how far we dare to listen.

Thank you and here’s looking forward to 2020!