More with less

A big thanks to all the birthday wishes from everyone, it’s appreciated.

I spent some time recording my thoughts on my number one tech device (*pictured below) on the holiday (coinciding with my birthday) and in the age of smart phones I was questioned on using such a primitive device in lieu of the massive handheld computer we all carry around (because it’s clearly less).

This recorder is dedicated to my song ideas and sketches.  Any absence from view or any lack of it in my surroundings reminds me I’m not keeping up on my writing.  This miracle simplicity is so often overlooked, that we are capable of doing “more with less,” we often miscalculate our options and choices with what we do and how we do it, and so we throw out the old ways in a dash for the new.  Many of the greatest math and engineering minds did more with pencils and paper than some of todays science rockstars.

The 15 “Renegades and Healers” song selections were taken from a group of 100 that were born on this little sony handheld.  And making rough drafts of each of them also means having the task of listening to them and deciding when it’s time to throw some away (delete) and move on.