The Larcom project

In November of 14′ I played an acoustic set at the Larcom theater (below).

You may have seen one of the two videos of it on youtube.
Ain’t No Sunshine
In The Air Tonight

While cleaning a hard drive this weekend I came across the Larcom performance and I’ll be giving away an acoustic rendition of “Airplanes” (originally on “Loyalty”).

Starting with a Facebook Post and now here on this blog (for those not on FB) I’ll be personally emailing an MP3 of this track which includes a great bass solo by my good friend Mark Zaleski (an outstanding musician and bandleader whom I never get a chance to see because we’re both out parading around the planet with our own groups) to anyone that asks for it.

It goes out Wednesday morning.

Want in?  Go to the “Contact” page and email me.  That’s it.  Easy huh?