“What’s going on”

I was the special guest at the Beehive last night, playing jazz and blues with the Sunday night residency crew.  At request I sang “What’s going on.”  I had a revelation during the performance of how pertinent the song still is, so many years on.  Great art with such great meaning.  Great songs.
Time lends perspective and shows us what is meaningful and what is fluff.

At times when I hear people complain about how bad, or rather, meaningless the music of “now” is (pop music if you rather that term), I remember that every year in music history has spawned awful village roadshow music with no meaning other than entertainment.  It’s not a new phenomenon, we just forget because we’re paying too much attention to the screens in front of us.
There are plenty of “What’s going on” and there will be more to come.  How soon do we recognize and/or identify with them?